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Small Office

type: business

client: private

location: Koper, Slovenija

project date: 2016

completion date: in progress

floor area: 55 m2

The design of the small office space in Koper was dictated mostly by the given predispositions of the location. The space is of a very distinctive shape, very narrow and long, with light coming in on only one short side of the rectangle. The opposite side is the main entrance. The toilet cube is located in the middle of the room quite close to the window, creating a misfortunate blockage of natural light to the interior.

To separate the entrance space and create a private environment for the employees, a glass wall was used with the option of closing the curtains along the whole glazed wall if necessary. In the middle of the space a conference table with several light features was positioned whereas the part with the most natural light was intended for desks and workspaces.

Colours and materials used, mostly grey tones and generous use of wood in furniture, try to create a warm environment and a sense of nature running through the space.

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