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House Nokturno A

type: residential

client: private

location: Koper, Slovenija

project date: 2019

completion date: in progress

floor area: interior 352 m2

                 exterior 139 m2

The family houses are intended as a luxury accomodations for a larger family who wants their intimacy while at the same time have enough space to socialize together. The houses are designed to give each other privacy. The ground floor volumes are subordinate to the upper ones and are designed as elongated rectangular blades placed in the space so as to allow the upper portions to be oriented towards the sea. That is why we get the feeling that the upper floors are floating.


The houses are located on a hill above Koper. Behind them is a larger residential area, towards which we closed the façades of houses to the south, with glass surfaces directed towards the sea in the north. Both cellars are dug from three sides, while open to the sea on the remaining side. This is where the living areas with the kitchen and living room are envisaged, while the upper floors are meant as sleeping areas for complete intimacy. The volumes are also differentiated by materials used, the ground floor is lined with dark-colored aluminum façade panels and the upper floors are wrapped in classic white plaster. The roofs cover a symmetrical two-storey building to merge the house with the existing surrounding building.


The exterior arrangement adapts to the terrain where the indigenous planting on the plot is strategically positioned to help guide the views and privacy of each house. The outdoor areas, with a swimming pool, summer kitchen and outdoor living area, provide everything we need for an afternoon break.

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