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House Bazoviska

type: residential

client: private

location: Koper, Slovenija

project date: 2019

completion date: in progress

floor area: 116 m2

The reconstruction of the old apartment is planned for a couple who wants to live comfortably in the old city centre near the coastal area. Only the peripheral walls were preserved for the project starting point, so we had a free approach for the reorganisation of the entire space.


The apartment is designed on three floors, where one is made as a loft. The living space and a kitchen with a fireplace were planned on the third floor, because this part of the apartment held the best living qualities, due to the sufficient amount of light and access to a balcony. The Intimate rooms such as a bedroom, a bathroom and possibly a children's room are located on the first floor. The main bedroom is placed on the south in the widest part of the floor plan.

On the ground floor we meet with walk-in wardrobe and the stairs that directs us to upper floor. The client wanted to put the studio on the ground floor, distant from the living space and for intermezzo during the working day, we provided an exit from the studio on the green atrium outside.

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