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House Padna

type: residential

client: private

location: Koper, Slovenija

project date: 2011

completion date: 2017

floor area: 191 m2

A house for a family of four located in the outskirts of Koper. The old ruins of a house that once stood on the plot were completely removed as there was nothing worth to save. They however left a mark on the new house as the local restrictions imposed it to be constrained by the built area of the old ruins. This meant that the interior space had to be divided into three stories in order to fulfil the needs of a family of four.

The access to the house consists of an enclosed atrium that functions as an extension of the living room on the ground floor. A bathroom, utility and storage space are located behind a wooden coated wall containing three hidden doors and that ends in the form of a closet under the stairs. The centre of the house is held in an open space on the first floor consisting of a kitchen and dining room, the stairs are divided by a thin glass wall that further emphasize the openness of the space. A large window grants the space enough light throughout the whole year and offers views of the valley and the sea back in the distance. Smaller windows open on the street framing nearby stone houses. The attic helds two bedrooms and a bathroom conceding its inhabitants privacy and a space to retreat.

The location full of stone facades, clay roofs and wooden window frames was an inspiration in the selection of the materials. The house adapted its exteriors to the site and a glimpse of that is found also in the interior spaces. All the surfaces are natural, the exposed concrete of the floor and ceiling resemble the look and feel of local stone, the remaining walls are white. Oak, as a traditional wood, was the choice for the furniture and all the remaining details.

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