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House Reber

type: tourism

client: private

location: Ljubljana, Slovenija

project date: 2016

completion date: in 2018

floor area: 210 m2

The owner of an abandoned old house in old-town Ljubljana had the idea of creating a cosy and unique small set of accommodations for tourists on a moderate budget. The result is a modest, restrained and compact modern renovation project that respects the scale and the architecture of the location.

Apart from the roof, the core of the house was left untouched which meant only to make a few modifications and alterations to the existing shell. The floors and some of the furniture are made of aspenite boards (OSB), small kitchens and dining tables are white where as the other accessories to the space are in black metal. The only exception is the ground floor with its arched ceilings and small windows. Here and in the upper bathrooms floor finishes are ceramic tiles.

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