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Apartment Pobegi

type: residential

client: private

location: Koper, Slovenija

project date: 2011

completion date: 2012

floor area: 170 m2

The apartment was originally split in several small spaces, making it very dark and cramped. The old arrangement did not allow a modern way of living so in designing the new layout the entire floor plan was opened up and rearranged. All non-bearing walls were demolished, including one load-bearing that was replaced by a concrete lintel hidden in the suspended ceiling in the living room which now makes the entire ceiling level unified. Even the staircase is open to the living room and is like a furniture piece, connecting the two floors.

The main living spaces, including the three bedrooms, are located in the first floor of the house. The top floor – attic – is mostly not high enough as an every-day-living area so it is now only used as a utility room and will eventually be transformed into a guest room.

The furnishing of the apartment is custom-made to utilize the most possible space, colours used are white and grey, combined with veneer finishing and hardwood floors.

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