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House Loka

type: residential

client: private

location: Skofja Loka, Slovenija

project date: 2015

completion date: in progress

floor area: 250 m2

The house is a reconstruction of  a barn located in the historic old town of Skofja Loka.  Size-wise the new single-familiy house constrains the proportions of the original building. Dormers were added to the roof to provide light in the attic spaces and some of the façade openings were altered to apply to the reconfiguration of the existing layouts. The existing balcony is now a modern cube attached to the typical, strictly symmetrical rectangular local house with a steep pitched roof, small window openings and a few timber details on both gable façades to make the building modern and exciting.

The interior is designed to reflect the old in the new with several wooden elements added to all spaces, a wood burning cook stove covered in patterned ceramic tiles in the kitchen and a gentle combination of natural tones and colours throughout the house.

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