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House Izanka

type: residential

client: private

location: Ljubljana, Slovenija

project date: 2009

completion date: 2012

floor area: 160 m2

The main focus in designing the four houses in Ljubljana was on making the most living areas with as much privacy possible in quite a small available space. All houses are lined up parallel the main street with a part of the L-shaped houses facing South East which creates intimate outside areas on the sunniest South West side of each house. The eastern and south eastern façades have no windows, blocking views of adjacent housing, while the other two feature a series of irregularly shaped windows to frame views of the surroundings.

With their 160 m2 floor areas the houses are fitting regular four- to five-member families that can still enjoy spacious living spaces and separate bedrooms by not being oversized. The living room has a double height ceiling which adds to the spaciousness of the space.

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