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Restaurant "Vitez"

type: restaurant

client: private

location: Ljubljana, Slovenija

project date: 2018

completion date: 2019

floor area: interior 272 m2,

                 terrace 118 m2


The restaurant is located on the ground floor of an old building in the historic city centre. The idea was to convey the guest a glimpse of the middle age epoch. As the food served in the restaurant is still based on the same old recipes, so the architecture tries to reinterpret, in a modern way, the feel of those times.

The qualities that the place already had but were masked by the subsequent renovations, were restored, such is the arched brick ceiling construction and the stone structure of certain walls, that convey warmth and honesty to the space. The steel chandeliers, fence details and a vintage styled wooden flooring complement the given qualities of the space.

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