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House Podmolnik

type: residential

client: private

location: Koper, Slovenija

project date: 2011

completion date: 2012

floor area: 235 m2

The house was already in construction (the basic form of the house was designed by another architectural office) when the client approached us with a request to help them add the finishing touches to the façade, landscaping and the entire interior design.

Internally, the focus of the double height living space is the bridge above it that serves as a hallway, connecting the staircase and bedrooms in the upper floor. The very spacious and open space, as much as it was bright and airy, had a flaw, it echoed.  The problem was solved by the use of fabric flooring of the bridge and other fabric finishes of furniture to kill the disturbing sounds.

As the shape of the house was predefined, the outer look of the house seemed obvious – the bottom mostly glazed part appears light and open, whereas the top cube is more compact, bigger and boxier. We decided to add to the contrast of the façade by making the bottom part even lighter with a white finish and the top part even more dominant by making it darker with dark grey façade panels.

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