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About us

Gaser Arhitektura was established in 2006. We have since developed a diverse client base and realised a broad range of projects covering a variety of scales and functions. 

As a practice, we are interested in the realisation of contemporary architecture, responding to various social and cultural influences by focusing on the latent possibilities inherent in each project. By working closely with our clients, we hope to instil a sense of curiosity and excitement, stimulating a response and confronting some of the more restrictive prejudices and traditional preconceptions of contemporary architecture.

As designers, we aspire to a simplicity distilled from a core concept, itself a product of both brief and site. We work to develop these concepts with honesty and transparency and through the careful arrangement and detailing of materials.

Mitja Gaser


Tel: +386 41 267 643

Zana Starovič Volk


Tel: +386 41 602 737

Mateja Žerjal


Tel: +386 40 417 986

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