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Housing Rozna Dolina

type: residential, business

client: private

location: Ljubljana, Slovenija

project date: 2015

completion date: in progress

floor area: 2300 m2

Floor plans and the necessary paperwork for the new multiple apartment building in Ljubljana were already made and the construction work was ready to begin when the client decided some alterations should be made to the interior of the building and also to the façade.

With the elite location of the building, the high-standard apartments needed a fresher and more open floor plans with large bedrooms and enough service areas to please interested buyers.

The new façade is of a darker shade of grey with strong bright beige perforated elements laid horizontally to emphasize the shape of the terraced building. The entrance hall is modern and airy, the wooden details create a warm and homey environment. It reflects both, the business part of the building (ground floor) and the residential top floors.

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