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Slovenian Coastal Area Design

type: public landscape

client: urban competition

location: Koper, Izola, Slovenija

project date: 2014

completion date: 

floor area: 

The design competition launched in 2014 incorporates the entire coastal area from Izola to the Italian border. The vision was to create a fluid and unified space. New walkways were placed above and under water and around cliffs to connect even the most adjacent places and give visitors adventurous experiences, nice walks through nature and new by-the-sea facilities with a wider range of beaches that will enable easier access to water.

We divided the project in four parts. For each part a separate type of programme is proposed.

01 The area around Debeli rtič:

New cycling lanes and several walkways up the cliff and back down to the sea level all the way to Sv. Katarina are planned. At the northern part of Debeli rtič new children’s vacation facilities are proposed. A spa building is added to the existing health resort. The design of the spa is planned in consideration of the area’s topography, the new shape is modern and organic.  A new winery would hold wine tastings (the area is covered with vineyards) and would serve as a platform for viewing the scenery below. The beach is moved to the sea, which lengthens the coastline and at the same time ensures clearer and stiller water for swimmers. Traffic along the entire area is reduced.


02 Semedela promenade

The area covers the coastline between Koper and Žusterna. Most of the area is currently occupied by vehicles with either motorways or parking spaces. There is a big lack of vegetation and open public spaces in this area, in addition to the shortage of swimming spaces or, better yet, there is no easy access to the sea. The centre of the Semedela promenade is the new city beach based in the Laguna part. Traffic is completely eliminated from the Žusterna coastline, instead a monorail is proposed.


03 Luka Koper (The port of Koper)

The area of the port of Koper is the largest area of the four. The port is strategically and economically crucial for the development of the entire Slovenian coast including its surroundings.

The new plan suggests a reduction of motorway traffic on land and instead offers a variety of other means of transportation such as a new monorail, a cable car connecting Koper and Ankaran, ferries, taxi boats etc. The port now covers less floor area but the space is rationalised: with underground parking, new, more compact facilities etc. The part between the city of Koper and the port becomes a city within a city, a “Smart City”. It is a combination of wide park areas, pools and new buildings of organic shapes that ensure appropriate infrastructure to develop a multi-cultural technological centre. It becomes a vibrant recreation and environmental asset to the city of Koper.


04 The Rex area

The area covers the coastline between Izola and Žusterna. The focal point of the entire new development in this area is the underwater multi-cultural centre where the Rex ship sunk. The programme of the centre is combined of an underwater museum, a gallery, aquarium and a common public area. Another addition to the space is a hotel complex near Izola that visually encloses the cliff with its location and shape. The hotel is accompanied by individual vacation villas and new tourist facilities and services.

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